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first, data-driven 3PL company and shipping broker that leverages the capabilities of a state-of-the-art digital platform to empower its clients and partners to grow, thrive, and enjoy a healthy cash flow.

Leaf Execution is a technology-

A proud member of the growing HMD Enterprises family, Leaf Execution works at the forefront of the freight shipping industry by offering a wide spectrum of FTL/LTL trucking services, combining optimal freight rates with outstanding speed and performance.

Our transportation brokerage services

Leaf Execution specializes in highly optimized FTL and LTL services, regular and expedited. However, its 24/7 access to HMD’s fleet and a wide network of partners, including Walmart-approved carriers, enables the company to efficiently fulfill orders of any type, urgency, and complexity.
Dry Van
Food-Grade / Hazmat
Expedited / Same Day Shipping / Next Day Shipping
Power Only
Fast and highly flexible option for carriers with their own trailer fleets
Power Only
Fast and highly flexible option for carriers with their own trailer fleets
Frozen / Refrigerated / Hazmat
A variety of trailer options for any type of cargo
End-to-end domestic shipping and international hauls
Fast and highly flexible option for carriers with their own trailer fleets

beyond a one-off freight hauling mission and ready to consider contracted freight or dedicated freight options, Leaf’s freight consulting team is just a phone call away.

If you are a shipper looking for services

what sets us apart

these days, but Leaf Execution pushes the concept of freight brokerage solutions to the extreme through cutting-edge AI/ML technology developed by Leaf Logistics, one of the leading developers of intelligent supply chain management solutions and a successful freight brokerage company.

Digital freight brokerage is not unusual

The technology under the hood

Trusted by industry leaders in the USA, the Leaf Logistics platform efficiently connects carriers, shippers, and brokers, and enables them to reap countless financial, organizational, and process-related benefits offered by direct access to a constantly updated pool of formerly siloed or incomplete data.

The system uses a variety of cross-system integrations and AI-based algorithms to automatically fill data gaps and orchestrate the deal-making process for every party involved, resulting in massive time savings and skyrocketing performance gains.


The succes of our freight brokerage company rests not only on our clients’ continued trust and recurring business but also on the collective efforts and vision of our management. Each member of our leadership team has years of hands-on experience working in the transportation industry and a profound understanding of the role of technology in today’s freight execution systems.

Kyle Broman

PJ Zarskus
Kyle Broman is the Director of Customer Relations at Leaf Execution Inc. Kyle is an accomplished leader with over a decade of industry expertise. His skill set encompasses designing and executing impactful operational strategies, as well as providing consulting to enterprise shippers to ensure they achieve their critical objectives. Kyle’s contributions play a significant role in LEI’s unique ability to deliver exceptional customer value as one of the best trucking freight brokers in the market.
PJ Zarskus serves as the General Manager, bringing over 12 years of logistics experience. His expertise spans sales, shipper account management, asset carrier operations, and brokerage. Having founded two successful brokerage firms, he possesses significant experience in scaling teams and deep industry insights. Dedicated to fostering growth and enhancing operational efficiency, PJ Zarskus consistently delivers increased value to clients and stakeholders.
Paul Lang
Sean Gordon
Paul Lang is the Director of Procurement at Leaf Execution, Inc. He has been in Logistics for 12+ years and has spent time at one of the top 10 largest freight brokerages as well as at freight tech startups. Paul partners with carriers to provide contractual freight and the most reliable transportation brokerage services to our customers.

Sean Gordon is a seasoned operations leader with 10+ years of experience in scaling teams and driving performance at all levels. As the Operations Manager at Leaf Execution, Inc., he plays a pivotal role in developing and implementing operational efficiencies across all company functions to make LEI the preferred broker for truckers across the nation.

Social & environmental responsibility

Besides giving the highest priority to our clients’ current and potential needs as a an industry-leading shipping broker, Leaf Execution is deeply committed to being a responsible employer, caring for its people and operating as a business aiming for environmental sustainability.
Our digital platform effectively addresses one of the key problems of traffic management — the reduction of empty miles through streamlined route and load planning. Each carrier carefully picked by our system spends less time on the road pulling an empty trailer, thus reducing the carbon footprint in the long run.
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